Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some deep thoughts

Hey folks,

The views are really coming along! thanks again. Today i wanted to write about some deep thought; philosophy. I was writing an English paper and got on the thought train of humanity. What is the essence of humanity? Is it that we can think? Is it because we have a soul? Is it because Some god made us special? Or is humanity just a name for another animal species? Are we on the same plane as animals? Are we better, stronger, more enlightened, or more special than regular animals? If so, why? I believe that our humanity is defined by our ability to make decisions based on factors other than survival and procreation. I believe that we are the only creatures able to do evil, because all of nature is inherently good and pure. The same applies for our species, but our selfish drives and choices to harm others (either physically or emotionally) on purpose are evil. Id like to get your opinions on the subject, so if you would leave them in the comment box.

I hope your brain hurts a little after this, C Ya



  1. We have the choice you choose if you wanna be like an animal or a human being, most people choose the first one sometimes

  2. I think we are just a species. I think it's impossible to be impartial on the topic because we are human, or course we think we're special.

    We do things differently than most of our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, though. And this whole "thinking" thing we do man, it's almost like a mental illness. Can you imagine if a dog decided to create a big complicated financial system, then take on a lot of sub prime debt that later turned bad? It'd be good night Rover!

    1. yea i hear ya, we are some strange creatures that's for sure

  3. I always thought nature had a bad side to it, check out the storms. I think its personal opinion

  4. just read this. Thought you might enjoy, a bit lengthy but a very good read nonetheless.