Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magic the Gathering: Red/White Aggro

Hey guys,

Sorry about not writing for awhile, I've been super busy with school and stuff. I'll try to be better, but it seems as though my schedule is just going to get more hectic. Oh well.

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite card games/ hobbies; Magic the Gathering. Magic is sick. Not really any other way to put it. It is the funnest hobby I've ever had and it challenges me and engages me on a way deeper level then video games or stamp collecting haha. Some of you may or may not be familiar with Magic, but for those who are I will be talking about a new deck idea I believe will be dominant in the Standard format once Avacyn Restored comes out. The premise is a Red/White Aggro with a ton  of fast creatures and ways to deal damage fast. What is great about red/white is that I will have a sufficient amount of control
(mainly Thalia, Oblivion Ring, Divine Offering, and Fiend Hunter) from the white, and crazy amounts of aggro from the red, without slowing my strategy down any. The crazy thing about the deck as well is that it will have a great amount of Mid-Range power. Usually, mono red decks lose speed and get over taken by slightly slower decks if they can hold you off for 5-6 turns, but my deck will have ways to finish the game and be a powerful obstacle for the opponent even if they can still thwart my efforts. The cards I'm using for this are ( Inferno Titan, Sun Titan, and the new red/white angel). These cards are insanely powerful threats for the opponent and will have amazing synergy with my creature based aggro. Firstly, Inferno Titan is a massive board clearer that will help my creatures hit for direct damage. It is also a 6/6. Secondly, Sun Titan has AMAZING synergy with almost all of my cards, especially because I have a lot of creatures and enchantment (Curse of Stalked Prey, and Oblivion Ring). It is a 6/6 vigilance, which makes it an amazing blocker AND attacker. Thirdly, The new angel, unfortunately coming in at 7 CMC, doubles all damage than any source would deal to the opponent and cuts all damage dealt to you and your stuff in half. Now that is sick. True, this can be removed easily, but it has immediate effects that will win the game VERY soon if they don't have anything or are tapped out.
I think this deck has some crazy potential to be great, I'll tell you how it is doing once i get all the cards together, Thanks a lot, Miguel.